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1. The Gift of the Food Maji- Lovey and I both bringing home dessert we thought the other would like!

2. Family movie night

3. Unexpected little treats from Lovey

4. Realizing seemingly new friends are actually old friends by now

5. The King’s Speech

6. new hope in a flower bud that hasn’t bloomed since we planted it

7. synchronistic plans to head to Alden Park!

8. the baby riding her trike!

9. the baby making the slide, climb, run circuit without prompting!

10. the big girl turning acrobatics on the swing!

11. little people in bagged in their collections

12.the soft padding of the Quail following on the quick heals Zuzu racing down the hall

13. asking the Quail- which is the letter A? She points. Asking then what sound does it make? she responds quickly, “Ahhhhhhhh”. Smart, smart, so smart that dear girl!

14. this family. they’re back. bless them.

15. a table full of pals to help eat chocolate cake on Lovey’s birthday

16. Strossner’s Bakery

17. an Irish fairy swooping in to charm the 2 year old with her accordian

18. visitors

19. early knowledge

20. subject lines of cake and beach

21. excellent therapy with resulting moooooooooos


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