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Mommaday: love, family & flora

While this flower in bloom may not look like much to anyone other than me, I assure you it is something special. When Lovey and I married almost 11 years ago, I carried gardenias & white roses. When we bought our first house, one of my dearest friends bought us a gardenia to plant in our yard. It hasn’t produced since the day the last bloom withered from the original set. This spring my parents came to help celebrate all the joy that is a 4 year old in her dance recital prime and over the course of the weekend they helped us to do a little yardwork. Do you know how much more enjoyable it is to do your yardwork with loved ones rather than on your own? First of all, there is their love- they are willing to do your grunt work just to lend a hand. Then their company- someone to talk to and plan with. Then you have the finished product- a sweet little bush in a happier place that showed it’s first flower in years. Even though most of it’s family has already bloomed. I guess it just wanted to say thank you. And so do I.

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