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corner view: early

I  had early on the brain this weekend during our little mountain retreat. Weeding out what I wanted to share that fit the topic. For most people early on vacation means dreams and soft snores. Someday we may find that is the case for us as well. For now, our enthusiastic little clan takes full advantage of the early. And rightfully so, with small ones, early means fresh, chipper, crisp and a whole new outlook for the day. And if you are one of us or with us, it most likely means the sound of coffee brewing and being transferred to a travel mug while we map out which bakery will be our first stop for the day. Our favorite mountain get-a-way is a little lodge that offers up a lake with canoes, a pool and a short drive to two of our favorite donut and pastry makers in the Blueridge Mountains.

Early means a greeting by a glassy, still lake on your way to the car to round up up the mornings’ donuts and coffee. Yes with a travel mug in hand. While we may partake in early, it doesn’t come naturally or easy!

We hurry back to our little lodge to relax on our porch with said coffee & donuts to breathe in the fresh mountain air and local flora.

                                                                                                                                            When the coffee and donuts is finally done and the hot summer sun has hit an early peak, we hea off to the pool to cool off, because this year, even in the mountains, the heat gets up early as well.

                                                                                                                                         Come rise & shine around the world:

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8 thoughts on “corner view: early

  1. I am an early riser, so I can enjoy the stillness of a fresh day before everyone else starts to wake up. Adorable photos of the girls. Enjoy! xo

  2. I wasn’t sure what I would write about when last week I saw that you’d chosen ‘early’. But as it turned out, I had several choices. This week should be another particularly interesting one because of all the ways ‘early’ can be interpreted—good choice! :>)

    Early mornings are school days and it’s usually still dark out. But I love sitting by the open French doors, drinking coffee, and catching up on blog world before I get dressed for the day.

    I still do that in the summer but it’s not early at all and it IS different. There’s something I end up missing when I get up after everyone’s been up for several hours–hard to explain.

    Where do you go in the Blue Ridge Mts? We are looking for a quiet spot for a week away. We want to stay away from the craziness of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Point and other tourist clusters.

    Your photos are delightful! Your little one is so intent on the contents of that bag! Also some of the best photos I have of the grandkids are of when they were oblivious to the camera while they spontaneously enjoyed a swimming pool. You caught several of those. :>)


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