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1. cool mountain temps

2. McFarlan’s Bake shop

3. A sweet children’s museum that allows for line of site monitoring when everyone has their own ideas what they want to play

4. a family swim

5. the wait

6. a new restaurant with a yummy salad

7. a house filled with tickle-monsters

8. rascalin & monstering

9. the nut-bar 4 year old who not only pretends she is having a baby as her favorite pretend game, but then pretends the treehouse tent is momma’s tummy and that she and her sister are being born.

10. said nut-bar taking the next evening to pretend she is shopping at the pet store and spies a sick monkey who needs her care and then proceeds to carry around the monkey, who intermittently throws-up and cuddles her, sleeps in a night-cap and is all better and ready for school the next day.

11. an ice-cream social

12 a new doctor

13. the part of the tooth I thought came out during lunch really just being a piece of grit- gross but good!

14. flattery

15. early preparation

16. a little 2 year old initiating hide-and-seek with a big grin when Momma shows up at school

17. the kind of hide and seek where the hider truly believes because they aren’t looking at you they are hiding

18. the tickle-monster

19. the verbal explosion of the 4 year old at the end of the day- I didn’t pull down Olivia’s pants today Momma! She wasn’t here!. Gee. Let’s try not doing that when she is here. Baby steps I guess

20. a 4 year old able to get and apply her own band-aid

21. listening to Lovey’s soft snores in the early morning


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