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Zuzuday: Zuzu’s stories

The Quail turned her duck-duck into a pumper. It pumped her up and she flew like a kite out of her crib and she looked in Momma’s drawer last night and she found a red letter Z and she put it in Momma’s underpants last night and then Momma got up for the morning and found it there and said: “Who put that red letter Z in my underpants!” And Zuzu said, “the Quail putted it in Momma’s underpants there.”

The End

* the behind the scenes making of this story: Zuzu typed the word red herself and noted that all her friends would laugh when they see the word underpants. And in case the story just sounds too fictional- it’s half true. There was a red foam letter Z stuck to my underwear the other morning. I’ve yet to actually see the Quail fly like a kite though.

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