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1. omens

2. gifts from Mother Nature

3. early morning thrills

4. girls coming home from school in delicate twists, braids, piggies and ponies

5.Trader Joe’s Chimichurri rice…mmmmm

6.Trader Joe’s green pepper and cheese tamale

7. coming home to the house filled with the smell of pie

8. Realizing your appointment was rescheduled and now there is time to go out to dinner

9. Little boo-boo’s staying little

10. the ability to comfort the owner of the little boo-boo

11. comfortable pants

12. passing up a cupcake

13. constructive criticism

14. good feedback

15. teamwork

16. Netflix online

17. family swimtime- even if it did end in tears and naughtiness

18. seeing Zuzu feel comfortable floating

19. a full feeling

20. good news on test results

21. sweet little baby’s born early but doing well


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