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1. Birthday celebrations

2. 2 wonderfully behaved girls at a party after a, um, rough day without Daddy

3. changing out the sizes in the clothes drawer

4. Lisa’s sweet thought to share Sophie’s outgrown clothes- so fun to see new shirts for our Quail!

5. Panera

6. Lovey’s efforts to grow grass

7. mini-rainstorms

8. a fun night out with the girls


10. the frog’s song while I water the grass in the early morning

11. The spider choosing to make her web wayyyyyy above where my head passes on my way to water in the early morning

12. a garden of basil,mint, lavender, oregano, parsley and thyme

13 Mason’s mom for teaching Mason to tie his shoes,since he then got Zuzu interested in learning

14. Wondertime Magazine for making a bunny chasing illustration on how to teach shoe tieing!

15. a 2 year old being able to chew Chik-fil-A nuggets!

16. ant identification

17. Jodi Piccoult

18. the alarm that Momma accidentally set in the girl’s room when turning on the bird tweeting machine NOT actually waking up the girls at midnight!

19. Lovey’s home!

20. shrieking monster children

21. inspiration that comes with hormonal highs!

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