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Zuzu’s is 5!

Happy Birthday dear Zuzu! Today is your 5th birthday. We are so blessed to be your family. I have a series of posts I’d like to dedicate to you- but you asked to do a “birthday interview” and write your own post. Later on this month I’ll share my gratitude for you and your series of celebrations- but for now- as you wish!

Zuzu’s Favorite Things:

Favorite TV Show: Wordgirl

Favorite Video: Diego Saves the Dinasaur 

Favorite Breakfast: pancakes

Favorite Lunch: PBJ

Favorite Dinner: Way up High Noodles

Favorite Fruit: Bananas

Favorite Veggie: Carrots

Favorite Dessert: chocolate unicorn cake & Birthday Cake Ice Cream  

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple Fruit

Favorite Drink: peach juice 

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Restaurant: Noodle Restaurant (Brioso)

Favorite Sport: monkey bars, gymnastics and dance

Favorite Toy: black and orange mo-mo’s and new puppy named Fuzzy

Favorite Song: Clap your hands & Jingle Bells

Favorite Book: Dora & the Snow Princess

Best Friend: Olivia & the Quail

Favorite Day of the week: Fridays when you get to bring toys to school

Favorite Time of the day: Getting to pick out your clothes to pay in- snow clothes in winter, swimsuit in summer

Favorite Outfit: Purple Dora Shirt

Favorite thing ever: being with Momma,Daddie, the Quail and Chula Cat

Favorite place to go: Home, because I like home

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