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One thought on “31 for 21: Day 11

  1. Just got your comment on my Apraxia update post… Sheridan saw SRJ about 8 months ago. We use the oral motor tools for apraxia, plus other oral motor items, so his oral motor therapy is pretty broad (we don’t need to use the /m/ /b/ /p/ tools much anymore). PROMPT and Kaufman cards are separate “tools.” I STRONGLY recommend finding an SLP who is PROMPT trained (even SRJ herself praised us for finding – and holding on to! – an SLP who is PROMPT trained, she confirmed what I already knew… it is so important). As you know, Apraxia is a motor planning disorder. So the prompting provides physical cues for what a sound should feel like. Or a reminder where a sound is made. You can absolutely use the cards by themselves. They are a great tool… but if the Apraxia is profound (sounds like it is… like Sheridan), PROMPT helps re-train (my word, not an official SLP declaration) a person to know how to physically make the sounds. Make the motor planning work. Happy to chat more if you want 🙂 Good luck!


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