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Sunday Still Life is an evolving photo project started by Erin. It’s an invitation to explore the beauty and depth of life through traditional still life composition and / or photos and words to evoke inner stillness and reflection. If you feel so inspired, join in!

This shot right here, well I’m mighty proud of this sprite! That lolly she is holding is her first. She got it as a prize for her first week of potty training at school! Lil bit is holding her own in the 2 year old classroom at school. One of the many reasons we love the school our girls go to is they do potty training in the 2 year old classroom. Ms. Chrystal is the best!  When Zuzu wen through this class I remember after the first few weeks she showed me a potty chart covered in pink star stickers and proclaimed it as hers. I pointed out it belonged to another little girl and which one was actually hers- the one with only 3 stickers. She was upset. But then the next week went to town and rarely looked back.

About a year ago Lovey wanted to get out the little potty so that the Quail could start getting used to the idea. I balked. I reasoned that she wouldn’t be in Ms. Chrystal’s until next fall. But we went ahead and got it out anyway. And I’m so glad we did. Going into the class and her official training she was able to let others know she had to go, to pee and poop in the potty, flush her potty and throw her old diaper away. She’s got a ways to go, she still struggles with not falling over when she tries to undress or redress for it. But I know she’ll get there- and in a fairly compatible timetable as her classmates.

After the first week of “official” training she left friday afternoon with a good dozen stars on her chart and her first “prize”. Way to fly little bird!


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