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1. Trader Joes Salted popped potato chips

2. an almost 5 year old declaring, “I hear my heart saying I need to go potty.”

3. park dates that make everyone smile

4. library time with the kiddos

5. Trader Joe’s Gyoza and sauce!

6. Lemon Artichoke Israeli Couscous

7. a flock of hens clucking around you

8. the bittersweetness of a new haircut on your child

9. the world’s fastest OB appt- and the fact that it is fast because there is nothing wrong

10. only gaining 1/2 lb in 4 weeks

11. Lovey coming to trade cars when he makes a leaking discovery on the driveway

12. warm snuggly bodies in the night

13. cake

14. no one crying

15. everyone crying with you

16. good friends

17. this baby craving Handi Indian food weekly

18. last minute dinner plans that get me out of cleaning my house

19. being Halloweened out

20. the 2 year old thinking she is supposed to hand out her candy

21. invitations

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