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This November we have decided to join some of our pals in expressing our gratitude for the blessings we have in our lives. While I do keep a weekly running tab of the bigs and littles, I decided to start the conversation with Zuzu about what gratitude means and how important it is to notice the things in our lives that we already have and are thankful for. This took some explaining to clarify that we weren’t just starting an early letter to Santa and that what we were trying to think about is our blessing of the little babydolls we already have and love, rather than the ones on the shelves in the store we covet. Eventually we got there and now for the last couple of nights this past week she’s reminded me that it was time to talk about what we are thankful for. I thought I would gather this harvest of thoughts here for safekeeping. Or keep-saving as dear Zuzu refers to it, the blessing that her words often are! Below is a combination of her and my thoughts on the blessings in our lives. I’ll leave it to you to decipher who felt what.

1. Gratitude for the many facets of the mighty brain of Lovey, and particularly his mechanical know-how. How lucky am I to have a partner who can bake a pie and fix a car.

2. Gratitude for the myriad of people in our lives who help us function semi-reasonably day to day. We could not do it without you all!

3. Gratitude for when Daddy, Momma, the Quail and Chula cat all cuddle on Zuzu’s bed with her and no one or cat pees on it.

4. Gratitude for the Sistred! (which my girls will hereby be known as- Thank you very much Ms. Lopresti

5. Grateful for the sistred’s expectation of Saturday morning apple pancakes.

6.  Grateful for all the friendships that grace my life- both near and far!

7. Grateful for snuggly, candy scented, giggling baby-girls who are always willing to dance with their Momma in the kitchen to 40’s vocalists

8. Grateful for a little girls reminders to talk about what we are grateful for each day

9. Grateful for the curiosity that each member of my family expresses

10. Grateful for peace of mind and the ability to know when it’s best to just let negative thoughts go

11. Grateful for swift moments of youthfulness however fleeting

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