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1. Spontaneous food math from the 5 year old
2. The feigned look of surprise on the almost 3 year old’s face when I pick her up from school- which is promptly followed each and every day by a greeting worthy of a soldier coming home on leave.
3. Our family tree gathering tradition

4. Sugarplum being named Sugarplum

5. The nightly request from the 5 year old to tuck, tuck, tuck her in

6. The nightly and insistent request from the almost 3 year old to kiss her duck-ducks at bedtime.

7. Books on CD weaving stories into my daily commute

8. Our Holiday Cards- I just keep staring at them.

9. Friends & Family sending Sugarplum Christmas presents already. Oh it warms my heart to have her seen as here already.

10. International justice and hope for the dear orphans.

11. Waking to realize you didn’t wake during the night

12. Gifts of meals arriving from far and wide.

13. The holidays peaceably coming together almost like it had been well orchestrated.

14. A wrapping day with Lovey.

15. Sisters realizing they fit side by side in either end of the tubby

16. The mischievious giggle from the almost 3 year old as her 3rd request to go potty at bedtime is finally denied.

17. Seeing the almost 3 year old thoughtfully ponder the cookie tray before precisely choosing the brownie after considering taking the same cookie her sister had.

18. 5 minutes for a conversation with a friend

19. calmness in the night
20. Sugarplum’s tumblings

21. The almost 3 year old learning to say, “No Momma” and stopping her tantrum short when prompted

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