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1. Saturday morning runs to the Bakery brought to you by Lovey & Zuzu

2. Everyone sleeping in until 7am

3. One more eval for SPED down and one last to go before the first IEP

4. A dyspraxia diagnosis- no not as good as nothing being the issue, but better than apraxia for now.

5. Regular hugs and kisses bye-bye and night-night for Sugarplum from Zuzu

6. Zuzu starting up with a “big-kids” gymnastics class

7. colds starting to pass

8. a friend making it to 6 weeks

9. noting the pattern of which shirts cause people to comment on how huge I am versus which shirts cause people to comment on what a cute little preggo I am.

10. a special phone number programmed into my phone and taped to the refridgerator as our back up plan for kiddo care in case the “plan” doesn’t work. Which as life goes, is likely…

11. Miralax

12. mother-daughter gum chewing dates

13. weeknight chicken on the weekend

14. Pappa’s…mmmmm…..

15. not spazzing when the child throw’s up in my mouth

16. humor in a sad situation

17. high praise indeed

18. setting boundaries with small ones, but in a positive light

19. 8 oz Coke zeros

20. 90 calorie cereal bars when Sugarplum wakes me

21. minimal weight gain between OB appts after, um a couple of “large leaps”

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