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1. Pappa’s seared steak

2. tiny quesadilla’s

3. chocolatey birthday cake

4. a back massage during a glucose test

5. a Lovey heading out to restock the pantry in light of an OB’s recommendations

6. berries and cream as the new go to dessert

7. lunch with buddies after a charitable contribution

8. lunch with buddies that included a  surprise birthday dessert

9. thoughts of a move to Greenville

10. the anticipation of a new Captain Underpants in the family

11. busy little girls

12. Sugarplum really being a sugar pumpkin

13. a slight smile from a baby in-utero

14. coffee with cream- Doctor’s orders!

15. showing my baby other’s babies in preparation for a new baby

16. a little trim for Zuzu

17. a 5 year old’s nearly exploding excitement over Momma’s birthday

18. so many birthday well wishes

19. Lovey’s thoughtful gift in honor of Sugarplum

20. steak and asparagus for a birthday dinner

21. my new spring muu-muu


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