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1. Passing the 3 hour GTT!!!!!!!!!

2. a little perspective through editing

3. making others feel good when they were making sure you were ok

4. Emerald Cinnamon Roast Almonds

5. feeling a little less vulnerable

6. feeling pretty stinkin lucky

7. a 5 year old who is normally scared during most movies letting you know she’s ok

8. weekend naps

9. Lovey’s constant help

10. little shows of confidence

11. lunch with buddies

12. Flat Stanley

13. sleep

14. laying down

15. 5 days dry for an almost 3 year old

16. long pick-ups

17. 2 weeks sleeping in her own bed for Miss Zuzu

18. baby name suggestions from Zuzu

19. high protein/low carb treats

20. berries and whipped cream

21. my muu-muu


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