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1. Lovey

2. a dry 2 weeks with potty training

3. Emerald Cinnamon & Cocoa almonds

4. a dinner that ended well out after a rough start

5. being ok with not liking Breaking Bad. ick.

6. my clothes put away and the groceries for the week bought.

7. swelling going down in the morning

8. kind words over words

9. a very well organized and helpful email

10. a reminder to be calm

11. Timmy-Time

12. bedtime

13. kind obs

14. lunch with friends

15. reflux fading with the low carb diet

16. a super-prize earned and a new chart started

17. an upcoming holiday

18. a 5 year old singing about an upcoming holiday

19. ready and excited for our first IEP

20. Pride in our little ones’s testing

21. a 5 year old’s excitement over gymnastics returning

2 thoughts on “gratitude

    • LOL- yes they were- Did Hayden do them too? There was one about Lincoln and one about Washington- In Zuzu’s rendition he “chomps” down that cherry tree!


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