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corner view: market

To market, to market! It’s been a good while since I’ve taken photos at the market. This is dear little Zuzu at about 11 months old out on a shopping trip with Momma.

Generally speaking getting the weekly groceries is a family affair here.  Before children came along Lovey and I enjoyed our weekly trips and made the most out of the free coffee and donut holes on our happy little trips. Ever since Zuzu was itty-bitty, and I mean only weeks old, she has loved to be on the go and out and among people as well. Honestly the market is usually when she is best behaved. There is nothing that acts as a salve to her temper like seeing another little kid lose theirs. It has not been uncommon for us to trail shopping carts teeming with wailing children at a respectable distance. They cry, she stops and looks at them confused. Then goes back to merrily pointing out which pack of gummies on the shelf she’s most interested in for the week. She’s a funny kid, she most certainly holds a primarily “toddler food” appetite, but thanks to her overly linquistic parents she is often known to spout of rationales for her treats as in, “But I just ate some protein Momma and I finished my kefir!” So yes, she can now have her pack of beloved gummies.

I will say this as well: the.girl.stays.in.the.cart. For years now she has had no expectation of being allowed to walk through the market. She rides. When her sister came along we switched to the big blue car carts routinely or if all four of us were along, two regular carts.

Since Sugarplum’s arrival in my belly though, my ability to lift the small giants we grow has been hindered. So she’s been in market-walking training. As in no touch, no ask for it, only grab what Momma/Daddy says. For the most part she enjoys it enough that we don’t get much of a fuss.

I will say with Sugarplum’s impending arrival though I’m wondering if our habits will change. I’m a baby-wearer though, so I think we’ll be fine for a litle while with Zuzu walking, the Quail riding and Sugarplum being worn. At least until the Quail gets ideas in her head about market-walking training….

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7 thoughts on “corner view: market

  1. A friend of mine, whose parents and in-laws live in the same town, never, ever went to the grocery store with her children. That would be quite a luxury, I think.

  2. Yes, I expect your shopping habits will change a fair amount!
    When my daughter came along, I used to take two carts (no cute car-carts or infant ones around here): one would be pushed by the boys, and contained the baby in her car basket; the other I was in charge of, and it was for groceries alone.

  3. When the little Tops were small, we went grocery shopping seperately – either Top1 or I stayed at home, the other went to haul all the stuff. Now, we shop while Top3 is at the scouts. Top4 is our little helper. Really fun, that is.



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