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corner view: everyday

It’s the everyday ordinaries that are the real miracles. This little mess on my bathroom floor that first started appearing about a year ago, it was the first time I took off the Quail’s shoes after a day at school and a little pile of sand spilled out. The miracle in that is it means that she was up and on the sand filled playground at her school with little buddies. She walked, she played, she made a little mess. Just like any other little kid.

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday date hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or writerly in form from around the world: Jane, Dana, Bonny, Joyce, Ian, Francesca, Theresa, Cate, Kasia, Otli, Trinsch, Isabelle, Janis, Kari, jgy, Lise, Dorte, McGillicutty, Sunnymama, Ibb, Kelleyn, Ninja, Sky, RosaMaria, Juniper, Valerie, Sammi, Cole, Don, WanderChow, FlowTops, Tania, Tzivia, Kristin, Laura, Guusje, Susanna, Juana, Elsa, Nadine

12 thoughts on “corner view: everyday

  1. My sister, Catherine, sent me a card that read ‘Life is messy. Wear a smock.’ And then she commented that ‘Its a beautiful mess!’ What a lovely art installation on your bathroom floor and so encouraging to know what it signifies…


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