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1. Spring flowers in Winter

2. The azaleas planted last year mostly all blooming

3. The Paperbush happily sprouting 6 blooms- it must like it’s new home!

4. Zuzu’s poetry

5. a most excellent birthday party for the Quail

6. friends just stepping in to help as the party goes on

7. a book swap

8. tasty Strossner’s cake

9. band-aid body art

10. a doctor’s confidence in my ability

11. a scheduled induction with a beloved OB

12. a good BPP report

13. a cyber-friend’s book success

14. a hospital bag almost packed

15. a little Quail happily toddling off with her teachers

16. a happier morning with Zuzu after a stormy evening

17. reports done early

18. hurt feelings passing

19. the feeling of normalcy returning as I wake up after being certain I’m about to go in to labor every evening

20. a passing with flying colors audiology appointment and the news that the tubes, while on their way out, are still technically in

21. new pictures of Sugarplum from the visits


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