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Zuzuday: big girldom

It’s happening.

I don’t know exactly when the transition settled in her mind. Zuzu has always loved Elmo and Sesame Street. I know when I was a little girl all of 2 I used to cry to my Momma, “My Streeeeeeeeet! I want My Streeeeeeeet!” In my mind I associate the tv watching of Sesame Street with Romper Room, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Electric Company.

Zuzu had a brief but ardant flame for Mr. Rogers. She told me at one point that she was going to marry him and I applaud her emphasis on character in a spouse! That changed too though and now She’s fairly certain she’s going to marry Daddy. Some day we’ll talk about realistic choices. 🙂

For a long time you could be certain that Bert, Ernie, Elmo,Zoe and the newer furry friends would hold her interest.She doesn’t ask for them anymore though. She’s handed the torch for the fuzzy over to the Quail. A few weeks ago she sat through an entire episode of The Brady Bunch. It was her first “grown-up show”. No cartoon characters. Just people. In truth she has very little exposure to “people” shows. She goes to bed in the evening before we turn on any sit-coms and most of what she sees is PBS or DVDs we’ve purchased. Lovey and I both thought the interest in The Brady Bunch was cute. She makes it clear she now needs to be home on Sundays at 11am to watch her grown-up show.

This Sunday morning as I lobbed my pregnant self around the house wiped out by another night of end-of-pregnancy-non-sleep and the Quail trailed me holding a Barney DVD and doll, Zuzu announced that her favorite showThe Electric Company was on and explained the days words and plot and settled in for the show that I remember very little of from my childhood other than “Hey you GUYS!!!!!!!”

Now if only grown-up foods and chores would hold her interest….


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