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1. kind offerings to a weepy preggo

2. a 5 year old snuggled up to her Gramma

3. a 3 year old looking suspiciously at Gramma and then hugging her

4. safe arrivals

5. a special day for Gramma & Zuzu of baking, nail polishing, walks and flower gathering

6. presents for Sugarplum

7. Stister giggles

8. recital photos

9. a room full of pink poodle ballerinas

10. ballet hair

11. ambien

12. a little girl trying very hard to stay in her room till 7 am on the weekend

13. a grant for Lovey

14. a celebration dinner!

15. Lovey’s work being mentioned to a Supreme Court Judge- best Kevin Bacon round ever!

16. a house sort of picked up

17. children playing

18. borrowed baby things

19. only a little over a week to an induction date

20. Sugarplum’s new Peter Rabbit Lovey

21. well wishes for Sugarplum


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