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Mommaday is Officially Sugarplum Day!

She’s here! We made it to induction day and traveled to the hospital to deliver our dear Sugarplum Chrysanthemum! She was born on Monday, April 9, 2012 at 3:02pm. She was 8 lb, 6 oz and 21.06 inches long. She currently has a head full of dark hair tipped with white. Although, if history is repeat itself that won’t last long around here. She is a plum of a baby. Absolutely perfect. Her delivery was both the most simple and traumatic of the 3 for me. The important thing though is that she is here safe and sound now and we are spending our days getting to know each other and plumping up the dimples in her hands and dinner rolls on her legs and arms. To date she eats, sleeps and snuggles like an A-1 baby. We are all quite smitten and the saddest thing I can say is that I barely get time to hold her for all the willing hands. We were blessed to have my mother here for us and to care for the girls while we were at the hospital and be with us both before and after delivery. We are tremendously sad she went home today but also looking forward to Lovey’s parents turn to fall in love with this newest little kitten. All is well here. We have a picture from her birthday and then a one week old angelic portrait. Sigh….smitten doesn’t say the half of it….

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