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1. hearing the Quail make little words

2. seeing Zuzu offer to help around the house

3. Zuzu’s “chapter books”

4. baby smiles

5. Zuzu’s announcement that the baby smiles have started

6. sisters in dueling pools

7.Visitors not packing up and leaving when it gets loud

8. seeing the similarities between the children and puppies

9. strawberry-rhubarb pudding cake

10. figuring out hard cases

11. coffee in the morning

12. library day

13. a kindle!

14. Nikon D7000

15. capturing wisdom from photography friends

16. finding new blogs to enjoy

17. paperback books

18. audiobooks

19. long strawberry kissed locks on the 3 year old

20. The Quail on a big girl swing

21. a memory of a first kiss


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