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gratitude journal

1. learning to focus

2. a baby tucked and snoring in a sling

3. looking down to see sparkley blue eyes beaming back up at me

4. Lovey’s 4th of July apple kuchen

5. reconnecting with good friends

6. grilled sweet potatoes with lime, cilantro & salt

7. strawberry rhubarb pudding cake

8 pimentto cheese broccoli

9. water play

10. birthday parties

11. little rock stars

12. Parenthood

13. The Vampire Diaries

14. A good cardiology check for Sugarplum

15. sizing up on the Quail’s shoes

16. Random offerings of cake

17. Lovey’s nickname of “Lil Tugboat” for Sugarplum

18. Seeing Sugarplum grinning up at me like a cute lil loon one morning after the last several nursing having been mostly sleepy, closed eye cuddles

19. Instagram

20 hen gathering

21. a week-night dinner invite

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