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Five Minute Friday: Beyond

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Beyond: Go-

Parenting is an exercise in moving beyond your own ego, your own expectations and ideals. It takes the very heart of you, the core of the cells that make you, pulling them from your center and heaving them into your arms and care. Ready as you thought you were. Becoming a parent takes that raw image of your basic, untended self and spirals it out into the world to discover it anew.  In your children, you experience another version of yourself. Both your best and your worst qualities tangled genetically, forever entwined with those of the person you have loved. You experience the randomness of nature and nurture as your children grow and think and speak and believe. Things you both have grown with, thought of, spoke with and believed. And sometimes; painfully, things you have not. Your children, they move you beyond yourself in a way you could never have asked for before they came to you.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Beyond

  1. Fantastic post! So true, all of it. I was just having this very conversation with a friend the other day. So thankful for my children for what they have shown me, and there’s so much more to come!


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