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gratitude journal

1. early morning thinking and writing time, however brief

2. talking with Sugarplum

3. children tatooing each other

4. beach-park livin

5. back-to-school shopping on tax-free weekend

6. sunday morning chess- the pie kind

7. rolling over

8. sleep

9. talking with all 3 of my girls

10. little half words from the Quail

11. realizing we need a safety lock on the fridge

12. noticing the differences between my girls

13. “back-to-work” clothes for me

14. Netflix

15. a most excellent cardio appt that came with the words, “soon it will be like it was never there”

16. celebratory artery-clogging dinners after said cardio appts

17. the new Nikon D7000

18. kindle books

19. new double Dora jammies

20. moving up to size 3-6 mos for Sugarplum

21. first haircuts gone awry- they always do


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