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corner view: emotion

playtime means much joy

…suggesting playtime is over, so is the joy

Individuals with Down syndrome often fall victim to a wealth of platitudes. the kindest of which are “they are such happy people”. And while I admit that our dear Quail is indeed a cheery little soul, I also assure you she is not always a “happy person”. The Quail experiences the same breadth of emotion that any other child her age does. She knows what makes her happy and if you take that away- she lets you know how she feels about it. The Quail has really blossomed into her vibrant personality over the last year. Her ability to tell us what she is thinking has grown by leaps and bounds.

Things that make her happy at age 3 1/2: bananas, kefir, her bed, cookies, swinging, Barney, clothes with pockets, her duck lovies, her family, popcicles, any sort of water play, books, coloring and gymnastics.

Things that make her mad: hair brushing and nail cutting, potty time interupting one of the above, someone taking a toy from her, interuption of snack time and peas and all they represent. And as documented above, the end of playtime and the suggestion she needs her hair brushed post swimming.

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11 thoughts on “corner view: emotion

  1. That little teary thing that she has going on in the 2nd picture — that gets me every time. It’s a deep down programming, I think. A beautiful child!

  2. Love this child. Love these pictures and love the extra’s I get the glimpses of via that addicting, although I am not quite yet there, Instagram.

    Still around. Even in these quiet times. Keeping up to date with your beautiful family of 5.

  3. my kids would high-five quail for both of her lists (love “peas and all they represent”!!!)
    … and you caught both of those moods so exquisitely, mama. xoxo

  4. Great contrasts! That second one would really tug at my heart. It’s harder for me to see that expression on my grandkids’ faces than it was on my kids!
    I got a kick out of her liking clothes with pockets–so do I. I do not understand why anyone would make a blazer or sweater or any shorts & pants without pockets. So it might make me look thinner. I’d much rather have the pockets!:>) I liked how you explained about the assumptions and plattitudes.


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