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Happy 6th Birthday dear Zuzu! 31 for 21: Day 5

Happiest of Birthdays dear one.

Happy Birthday dear Zuzu! Today is your 6th birthday.

We are so blessed to be your family. I feel like our bond as a family has only grown tighter over this past year.  The older you get the more we discover “you”. You have had such a constant sense of self. A sparkling, go-getter personality that has been trying since day one to show itself. I feel like now you are coming in to your own! The changes and growth in you over this past year are so phenomenal. You sparkle with intention and confidence now. Yet the thing that remains most constant is your tender heart. There is not a mean bone in your body. You just want to love and be loved. That is so clear now in every move you make, every word you speak and every activity you jump in to. You dive in with open arms and a full heart.

You are in public school now and absolutely blooming with your love of community, learning and making your own choices.

Once again you asked to do a “birthday interview” and write your own post. Later on this month I’ll share my gratitude for you and your series of celebrations- but for now- as you wish!

Zuzu’s Favorite Things:

Favorite TV Show: Wordgirl

Favorite Video: Barney Christmas

Favorite Netflix: My Little Pony

Favorite Breakfast: pancakes & waffles

Favorite Lunch: yogurt stick

Favorite Dinner: quesadilla

Favorite Fruit: grapes

Favorite Veggie: crunchy carrots

Favorite Dessert: gummies- a whole pack of them like I take in my lunch

Favorite Drink: apple juice with no water in it

Favorite Color: pink & purple

Favorite Restaurant: Ring Restaurant (El Jimador- she calls it that because they once had candy rings)

Favorite Sport: basketball

Favorite Toy: The Barbie Reagan gave me

Favorite Song: The Birthday Cheer that says Cha, Cha, Cha and Happy Birthday in it

Favorite Book: My Little Pony

Best Friend: Olivia, Lucy & Averi

Favorite Day of the week: Friday because it is almost a home day

Favorite Time of the day: morning and night because I get lots of hugs from my family

Favorite Season: Winter because we get a Thanksgiving and Christmas break

Favorite Outfit: My cupcake dress

Favorite Family Vacation: To the mountain hotel that has the pool where I can swim in 5 feet with my swim noodle (Flat Rock NC)

Favorite Family Outing: going to the library

Favorite thing ever: my family

Favorite place to go: To Clemson Elementary. We have lots of fun in Mrs. McCain & Mrs. Cambpell’s class



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