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31 for 21: Day 6: gratitude

1. a most excellent bounce house party

2. Coffee Underground Coffee

3. Strossner’s purple chocolate monkey cake

4. little tiny monkeys

5. The Quail running to the windown Sunday morning crying Bounce!!!

6. Getting to bounce

7. The after party

8. GNO

9. The Quail’s “be charmed by me” face, cause we are

10. breakfast with a newly minted 6 year old

11. Dinner, frozen yogurt and a toy shopping trip with a 6 year old

12. Hello Kitty Cupcakes for the class

13. Ugg boots on a 6 year old

14. Tearing up over Knuffle Bunny Free

15 a two-toothed, semi-sitting 6 month old!

16. a new book club

17. Lovey’s chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting

18. a note from a mentor

19. a note from an author

20. making a connection between the two

21. fall family time


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