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The Sistred

I’m so grateful for this past month. We’ve been so busy- just so involved in our own family life. Yet we’ve managed to be kind to each other, to cheer each other on and to share- both among ourselves and with our communities. I wish I had more time to share.  For me, blogging begets blogging. This little sugarplum of a baby has me up early in the mornings again, which is generally the time of day I can think. But she also is busy, busy, busy. She hears the typing and follows her Momma’s gaze to the computer screen and I have to shut it down to help her focus on her sweet little tasks of simpling growing, exploring and snuggling. I have much more to say, but it will have to wait for another day. For now, I’ll return to the gift of the ordinary afters we have been granted for now. The Sistred and the magic of their little souls tumbling together and apart day in and day out.


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