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1. friends

2. travel planning

3. warm babies

4. sitting babies

5. 3 year olds doing well in class

6. pictures

7. Instagram

8. insurance options

9. a well-check going well for a certain 6 year old

10. November- a month to give thanks

11. Special K Popcorn chips- my new favorite snack!

12. first report cards

13. a certain 6 year old contesting her first report card

14. IEP progress

15.  a chatty little 6 month old talking up a bear her own size

16. not getting Halloweened out till after Halloween this year

17. early to bed more than once in a week

18. a few minutes to chat

19. my mothers’ laughter

20. my sister’s good idea for family time

21. holiday season upon us

2 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. Hi Cole, I can’t find a comment form in your CV post! I’ve seen your photography develop over the last few years, and it’s most definitely a form of art where you express yourself and your creativity. #13 in the above list made me smile. Happy weekend!

    • Oh goodness- I thought it was odd no one commented! I must have clicked off comments by mistake- thanks for letting me know! I switched it back on! xoxo


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