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Sugarplum Start of the week

Almost 7 months in to life as a family of five and I find myself with more to say than time to say it. There is a reason why there are certain phrases that are labeled as “everyone says”. It’s both comforting and simply a reality; those universal truths. The most popular of which are often related to children, “Don’t Blink!” “They grow so fast!” Both of which are true and no matter how many times I tell myself this, I am continually shaking my head over where the time has gone despite my best intentions to soak it in. This littlest of the Sistred remains, sweet as the Sugarplum she is named for.

She is quick with a grin. She has the warmest of chuckles when you locate her tickle spots. She locks her gaze, raises her arms and dives into your face for a quick gum on the nose when she wants you to notice her. She sits and studies your face when you aren’t paying attention. She chortles to Barney and relaxes to Baby Einstein. She stares down the pink stuffed bear who is her same size when placed in a face-off. She plunks her toys on the ground enough to ensure a good round of calisthenics for her dinner partner. She snuggles in to your warm body when she is ready to drift off and kick, kick, kicks her pudgy little legs when you suggest she should and she whole-heartedly disagrees. She prefers to sit, stand, jump and play than to be left laying anywhere. She wants to be certain to be tucked in with her sisters wild rumpus rather than be left in a quiet spot to relax.

the sling- or her home within her home

She would rather you tuck her in to a sling and enjoy her company than be settled on the floor. But if you to intend for her to spend any amount of time on the floor, you best bring along a toy that she play with. Her little hands are busy, busy, busy these days. And along those lines, you might just hold off wearing any dangling earrings or necklaces for a while. Her long little fingers prefer to entangle themselves in anything they can find.

She sits!



Oh how we love our dear Sugarplum-



Also of note in the last month:

She grew two teeth! There was strangely, the start of a molar before either of these showed up, but then it sunk back into the gums and up came these pearls!

And she began her career as a foodie! First bites were oatmeal!

She met her Grampa!

She met her Aunt Shel!


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