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1. cookie butter in my oatmeal

2. a baby pulling up

3. a friendly invite

4. finding success in the small victories, like making it to the beach

5. a couple years of roasting chickens experience turning up in a tasty turkey

6. finding a similar family pace with friends on vacation

7. cooking with friends who cook

8. 5 children under age 6 playing pretty well together over the course of 5 days

9. friends with espresso makers

10. new bookclub friends

11. the after-soup

12. most excellent popovers in a new popover tin

13. a silly baby playing

14. a 3 year old thinking about what she wants to say and trying very hard to say it

15. a 6 year old listening

16. rub-a-dub-dub, 3 girls in a tub

17. the knot genie

18. Stacy’s Pita GINGERBREAD pita chips!!!!

19. Trader Joe’s Jo-Jo multipack

20. a baby scooting around the kitchen, backwards

21. editing flower and Sistred photos.


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