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Quailday: Movin’ on up!

Lil Miss moved up to the next room at her private pre-school. We had held off on the transition earlier this fall because she had so very many happening at the same time and frankly, it was probably more overwhelming for us than her. But it was time. So a couple of weeks ago she said good-bye to Miss Chrystil and Miss Shaina and moved on in with Miss Maranda. The treat of this for her is now when Zuzu gets there each afternoon when Kindergarten is over they get to play on the same playground!

Abby - Last day in 2s-class sitting

That sweet lil muffin on her left is her BFF Mariah. The first non-family kiddo she called by name. They hug, hold hands, call out, go running for each other and save spots. She (and we) love her to pieces.

Abby - Last day in 2s-by door


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