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five minute friday: cherished

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mrs mccain


I know I am. How could that not be the case, when the biology of it is as pure as her gaze and as constant as her daily mommalogues. When I stop to really think about it, I know she doesn’t have to think about it to feel it. And yet, I ruminate, I wonder, I resist her growing love of things outside of and ahead of me. Her independance. As certainly as I send her out seeking them again and again.

She opened her backpack and amidst the tumble of papers was the little booklet that caused my eyebrow to raise up and my heart to give pause. Last week’s primary lesson was on the five senses. They illustrated their favorite sights and sounds, tastes and scents and things to touch. They noticed the ordinary in their day and drew out their love.

“Do you know what I love to see Momma?”

The question was as filled with innocence as her eyes were with joy.

I smiled back in anticipation.

She wakes with Momma on her lips. She chatters through her shower, her dressing, her meals; her play. In a room filled with people, she directs her sites on me instinctually. We remind her to pay attention to everyone. We scold her for the rudeness of her solitary focus. We explain how it makes others feel left out when her mommalogue runs throughout everyone’s day. And yet, it continues. And we try again.

And there, as the story of her day unfolds before me I see a new chapter illustrated on her heart. Her favorite thing to see? It wasn’t momma. It was her teacher. The content of her mommalogue, the newest center of her story was the kind smile of the sweet teacher she hopes to be, one day, to hear her tell it.

It makes me pause and listen- to take her in with my five senses while I still can. To notice, to listen, to cherish and to feel that constant attention of hers while it still wraps around us. For the time being.

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5 thoughts on “five minute friday: cherished

  1. Beautiful post…oh, yes, that we would all hang on and cherish their constant attention before it turns away. Blessings to you and I love your writer voice!

  2. Have been thumbing through your blog Cole. You have such heart and poetry coming out of every word and photo. Really enjoyed your story of the stark realization that they do grow up and to do that- they must unfurl, bit by bit away from Mama. But the true vine is never severed. I think I just may join your kitchen social, I love food and have an amazing husband who loves to cook, grow, and brew too. But I am the one who needs inspiration.

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