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corner view: hands

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday gathering, originally hosted by Jane, now by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it photographic or writerly in form, from around the world. Come see the world’s corner view via the links on the sidebar!

Mine & theirs. It makes me so happy. Hands is a well loved topic for me- what we do with our hands when we aren’t thinking about it- it says so much about our heart don’t you think? Come see here, here, & here as well!



11 thoughts on “corner view: hands

    • Thank you Bev! I tried to comment on your post but was having trouble getting it to go through- but love your words and the composition of your shot! Your partner or parent’s hands?

  1. Your photos of big and small hands are lovely…and fun (the second one)! It reminds me of when my daughter throwed a tantrum!!! 🙂


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