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corner view: hair

The girls’ hair garners a lot of discussion in our home. Each girl has started out with a thick coat of dark hair that appears to have created an army of mini-mes. Then within a few years, I’ve been left as the only dark haired girl in the house. Lovey gets credit for their strawberry blonde locks. The funny thing is, at their age- Lovey was a true towhead white toddler. I was a strawberry blonde until around the age of 5 and I still have a tiny lock in my baby book to prove it. When we named Zuzu we both pictured a dark-haired beauty with her lovely name rather than the strawberry-blonde love she’s become. When the Quail came along with her long bob on top of her head we knew what to expect. Sugarplum funnily enough emerged with her dark locks tipped in white- apparently she had time for a cut and color before her arrival. It will be interesting to see who they look more like as adults. They each seem to be a particular blend of Lovey and I that depending on who is holding them gets credit for their looks.


Sugarplum with the requisite dark locks, albeit tipped in white.


The Quail with her signature bob up top.


Our strawberry blonde in all her magnetism!

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday gathering, originally hosted by Jane, now by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it photographic or writerly in form, from around the world. Come see the world’s corner view via the links on the sidebar!

6 thoughts on “corner view: hair

  1. Sweet babies! My hair also turned strawberry blond as I got older… of course this was after I turned 30 and had some helped with L’Oreal 🙂

  2. I have two children who were born with a fine layer of white hair on their head and two that were born dark. The oldest boy who is had dark hair turned blond and my daughter I was sure would be born a toe head was born with dark hair it is now a brownish read with no hopes of ever going blond. Funny the cobinations that can come out of two parents that basically have the same hair color.


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