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Five Minute Friday: friend

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The blessings of friendship in my life; they come from all around me.

They do double-duty as family members, as co-workers, as family helpers, as cyber-sisters. As daughters. As husband.

Some by blood, some by choice. Some unexpectedly. All dearly.

Some are so near that they hear the daily goings on and the babble that overflows from my head. Some are so far that they hear even more of that daily internal dialogue I keep. Some I need to catch up, and some stay caught up by their constant reaching out. They know my strengths. They know my weaknesses. They know my need for a cheerleading session and a good job email and pat on the back. They know when I’m just venting and when I need to problem solve. They ask questions that help me think and organize the thoughts I already have. They know my heart and they wait for me to show it. They read my words and see my pictures. They ask after those dearest to me. They know I need them as much as they need me.

There are minutes and days and miles that are between us but rather than keeping us apart these twines, they bind us together. No matter how much has passed they welcome us back into the fold and offer up a cup of comfort. I do the same for them. My cup, my door, my heart, my mind, my hand, my smile- it is open to this amazing group of human beings that continue to surround us and include us and support us and honor  us by calling us…



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