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Celebrating Sugarplum!

This and a series of upcoming posts are seriously overdue. Sugarplum turned 1 this past April and we celebrated her and this past year with friends at our favorite local park. Since her birthday coincides with Easter and Springtime we played in the park with bubbles, chalk, our outdoor toys and had an egg hunt. The eggs collected were filled with sweets and trinkets and deposited into little bags the children decorated. We also had shiny crowns to be adorned with jewels and stickers for each child and of course a big cake and pizza for all. For the children’s birthdays we generally celebrate with a wide age range of children. We enjoy having everybody share in the festivities and prefer to do a book exchange in lieu of presents. Not that we aren’t grateful for the gifts we receive, but since we enjoy having so many gather, we would rather focus on the people than a pile of gifts. We’ve been frequenting this park since Zuzu was a toddler and sadly this part was destroyed by a flash flood this month. I’m sure the city will rebuild, but we will be sad to have what we think of us our park, well just not be the same.We’re glad we could at least get one celebration in at this special place.

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