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DSC_43491. coffee

2. a night with the baby sleeping on through

3. anniversary plans

4. salads with avocado, blue and raspberries, mozzerella pearls and champagne grapes

5. photo editing time

6. too much to read

7. the mental space to read

8. waking up with some energy

9. new people to talk too

10. kindness

11. FB as a way to keep up with people

12. renewed interest in cooking

13. places to splash

14. homedays

15. inclusion

16. places to talk about inclusion

17. questions from others

18. people outside the disability world having an interest in it

19. Pappas

20. speech practice

21. Lisa-jo Baker

2 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. That’s a great list! I’m grateful that I had a little reading time this morning and found your post on farmer’s market day….because now I’m inspired to try to make your salad for myself today!


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