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DSC_49151. The Happy Berry

2. pictures of blueberries

3. fresh corn

4. sauce of avocado, sour cream, lime, milk and S&P to taste

5. a busy weekend

6. children playing in splashing water

7. Zuzu making a new friend

8. school supply shopping

9. DSFA- Greenville

10. work lunches!

11. work birthday cakes!

12. editing time

13. Lovey

14. fresh blueberry cobbler, the next day

15. Netflix

16. thin liquids and the ability to swallow them!

17. cafeteria food dates with Lovey & the Quail

18. a 6 year old’s excitement at a birthday party invitation

19. the morning light in Panera

20. strangers stopping to comment on our girls in a kind way

21. hand-me-downs!


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