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DSC_38931. watching the baby treat the glowworm like her own baby

2. Sugarplum’s pulling down a boppy and blankie and dragging it over to me to nurse just about anytime I sit down at the computer.

3. realizing Zuzu and I have the same eyes down to the hazel mixed in with the blue

4. bad mood’s passing

5. Zuzu’s request to go surprise Daddy with a breakfast treat

6. Dinners with Lovey

7. back to school night for 2!

8, a VSD almost closed

9. a doctor’s reassurance that we are out of the risk of need for open heart surgery

10. a gallon of figs!

11. dinner reservations

12. a salad of avocado, bacon, egg, mozzerella & arugala

13. a  nursing toddler

14. a nursing toddler sleeping through the night

15. kind words

16. new teachers

17. homework binders

18. a 6 year old’s excitement to get started on their homework before school even starts

19. non-disability families getting involved and learning about the disability community

20. end of summer swim lessons

21.  Welcome to the new class letters in the mail


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