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corner view: evening

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday gathering, originally hosted by Jane, now by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it photographic or writerly in form, from around the world. Come see the world’s corner view via the links on the sidebar!


Our weekday evenings go buy in the blink of an eye and take these children along with them. They are often backlit with the perfect storm of the baby’s witching hour converging with the school to home transition (read: exhaustion & starvation) for the older girls. These coupled with my own tired thoughts from the day and the ongoing recording that plays on a continuous loop sounding off all of the things we didn’t have time for, and our evenings aren’t always as relaxed as I imagine they could be.

Sometimes though, there is a brief moment of perfect joy and light, and that’s what I choose to capture as I silently send up a wish and a prayer that we get try again the next day.

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