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corner view: a good read

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday gathering, originally hosted by Jane, now by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it photographic or writerly in form, from around the world. Come see the world’s corner view via the links on the sidebar!


Hello friends! It’s been far too long and I figured I best just jump back in!

These days most of my reading is snuck in throughout the day. No more leisurely chapters read in bed, or the bathtub or in the backseat of the car. Now my reading is more non-traditional in format, audio-CDs in the car while I’m driving, online with blogs and websites whether they are parenting, photography, cooking or Down syndrome/disability awareness, audio-stories from the library while I run. I’ve always been a book lover, but with three small children running underfoot- their books are about all we get to these days that involve any actual page turning. What I most frequently look forward to browsing with a cup of coffee are Huffington Post parenting articles. I find myself nodding along with the stories of other people’s lives. Although even with all the saturation in technology, I still find myself happily buying actual books that are recommended or I’ve really enjoyed electronically. Still nothing beats the happy weight of an actual book in your hands. Especially cookbooks. Lord knows you can find almost any recipe on the internet nowadays and food blogs are some of my favorites- but often I just have to have the hardcopy in my pantry.

4 thoughts on “corner view: a good read

  1. I too love paper books but use e-books, computer and all the likes, according to the occasions…. The good thing is there is so much good to read! Have a great week!

  2. I listen to books in my car too. I’ve gotten reacquainted with several classics that way—helps keep me alert on the drive to and from work.
    I remember the days of sandwiching in a page here and two there and I only had two children!
    I still have my favorite cookbooks, but I go the Internet route more and more for finding recipes. If I’d had that as a reference when I was younger and cooking or a family, I would have been more apt to have dinner ready when the husband came home from work (which was my first husband’s preference).


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