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31 for 21: Day 9

As we get ready to leave the Buddy Walk, I lean back from hugging our friend and hear Lovey announcing, “This is the first year we have a team!”

Indeed. Last year one of Zuzu’s buddies joined us. That was really the first time we ventured taking someone outside of our family to the walk. Last year was also the first year that we put significant effort in to fundraising. And it paid off- in more ways than simply monetary. The feedback, support, love and encouragement we received was heartwarming to say the least. I may share here on the blog, and when asked I’m happy to expound. But asking people to walk alongside of us in this journey face to face or even email to email is not my strong suit. I’ve always felt like we need to take care of everything ourselves, pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps and all of that. Fortunately, for us, others have been happy to step in and walk along with us. And for that we are eternally grateful. We know we need this village of ours to light our way and warm our hearts. Thank you friends.

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