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31 for 21: Day 18: gratitude


  1. For having a lot to be grateful for these days and wanting to start documenting it again.
  2. Lovey joining the Down syndrome Family Alliance Board of Directors.
  3. Zuzu’s loving her Jumprope Team.
  4. A Daisy/Brownie leader being willing to step in and pick up Zuzu so she can join in.
  5. The way Sugarplum narrates her way around her day.
  6. The Quail’s teacher noticing the difference between when she is being obstinate and when she truly just needs help.
  7. The way the Quail says gua-nana for Iguana.
  8. Listening to the Quail read her weekly alphabet books to her Grandma over the phone.
  9. Zuzu riding up front in the car.
  10. Sugarplum announcing that she needs to do her homework too and then following along on Starfall as we click through the color red.
  11. Offers of cake, donuts, egg biscuits, pumpkin chili and candy.
  12. New friends to run with.
  13. Running for 30 minutes straight at a 12 minute mile pace.
  14. A compromise reached with Zuzu of leggings under shorts for the fall clothes.
  15. The Quail’s teacher deciding to do a fundraiser and awareness campaign around Down syndrome in the month of October in honor of the Quail and another student.
  16. Netflix
  17. The Quail being invited to birthday parties by classmates.
  18. Zuzu’s continued exuberance over being 8.
  19. 110 crunches in a day.
  20. Three little girls sleeping in beds and all the cribs taken down.
  21. Eeking semi-regular writing time into my day and how glad I am after I’ve done it.


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