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31 for 21: Day 5:Happiness is…

……Taylor Swift on repeat in the car on the way to school and back home. It’s playing with Miley in class and after school and at dance and Daisy Scouts. It’s painting every color on one page quickly and pulling out a second page before anyone can object. It’s reciting Pete the Cat books and watching Wynx Club. It’s recess time with Laurel and Blair and eating chocolate bunnies and eggs and cake and cooking real and pretend muffins. It’s learning to read and being able to say “Look at me” and “I need help” and “It’s funny.” And “I’m serious” and “No” and “Yes” when you feel you need to. It’s Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Dobson and Mrs. Lee and singing along to the Frozen soundtrack and sitting by Brookes in class. It’s Mrs. Kahli and the color purple and tap shoes and ballet slippers. It’s digging sand into cake shapes and Uncle Scott swinging you out over the waves. It’s going to soccer and dance and the spending each school day at the big school with Maddie and lining up for recess and lunch where you can pick grilled cheese any day you want. It’s sword fighting with Carmen and Ashley painting your nails. It’s being good and excellent and naughty and stubborn and helpful and caring and loving. It’s playing ball and donut stand and Odd Squad and Superman and Sister with Emma and then running giggling to a corner to hide when Momma tells you both to settle down. It’s Daddy tucking you in and Momma helping you with your homework. It’s snuggling up to your family and knowing you can go play Magic-Clip Dolls and your family will still be there when you want to snuggle more. It’s drinking kefir from a straw-cup and eating cheese slices and English muffins. It’s playing doctor and teacher to your sisters and your dolls and your animals. It’s a Barney pillow and Ruff-Ruff blankie under a purple fuzzy Frozen blanket. It’s movies and popcorn and Mexican restaurants and breakfast sandwiches. It’s picnics in the yard and sleeping in your sleeping bag on your Dora couch when you want a break from snuggling up to your sister. It’s going to computer lab and library and art and music and even PE. It’s baking mini-pies and scones and cakes and cookies and pancakes shaped like the initials in your family’s name. It’s your turn in the canoe and the pool and the paddle boat and the stroller. It’s picking pumpkins and blueberries and strawberries and apples and Easter eggs. It’s being her mom.

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