Gifts 2- take 2 Celebrating The Quails grasping ability!

Jennifer just gave me a great idea- When I ordered my new copy of Gifts 2 I did order 2 copies with the intention of sharing the second with another family. Pay it forward right?

Well; in celebration of the Quail’s newfound ability to grab onto whatever I am holding & the release of this wonderful new edition we will hold a drawing to win that second copy over here as well! If you are interested in winning a copy of this book leave your name in the comments and on 9/30/09 I will attempt to read the name before it gets stuffed into The Quail’s mouth.

Gifts 2 has arrived!


Thank you to all of you wonderful writers that have shared your experiences. I can’t wait to read and share this companion book. Gifts meant so much to me- from the beautiful baby photo on the cover to the personal journeys so lovingly shared. Not only are our children a blessing to this great world- you all are as well.