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The Quail- Pure Joy





I feel such a sense of peace, calm, joy & completeness since The Quail has come into our lives.  I can’t imagine if I hadn’t gotten to have Zuzu & her in my life what could possibly bring me that feeling. It’s like my life has always been working it’s way up to this place in time and I was just impatient to get there. When I think back on my childhood, my education, my work history, my life with Lovey pre-children- I now can see my life as a whole- as a path or journey that I have been on since it began. I’m meant to be where I am, I’m meant to have the life I do. I am so very blessed. I can feel that there are more positive changes to come in our future and I’m finally able to relax and wait for them rather then feeling like something was missing and wondering what it was. 


When Lovey and I were first dating, well over a decade ago,  we used to take a lot of long car trips. And just about every trip I would try to engage Lovey into the same conversation- “What if we have a child who has a disability?” Well Lovey has never been one for hypothetical’s. He always responded that we would deal with it then. It is a strange conversation to start up repeatedly with someone you are only dating- I see that now. But it seemed to be subconsciously important- since I would return to it again and again. Here we are 13 years later- happily entwined in our remarkable lives- and ever so thankful for them and the people in them. Love, joy, contentment and presence- what more can we ask for out of our lives.


Ps- and in case that sounds too lofty, pretentious, sappy or the like- yes- we still get mad when the milk spills all over the floor, the baby throws up and poops on my just washed pants, I’m running late yet again, I’ve lost my car keys for the 13th time today, there is no milk in the house, the mouse evaded the trap but managed to eat the cheese, the laundry hasn’t folded itself, I have a blinding migraine and my toddler reminds me for the 4th time today- “Mommy you have to be nice to people who are trying to take their shoes off.”. We are after all only human.

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